Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is an area that has enjoyed continuous support from European Funds for many years. In the new programming period for 2021-2027, it remains a priority. European Funds focus on sustainable development, supporting various initiatives aimed at protecting the natural environment, improving the quality of life for residents, and developing ecological infrastructure.

Find out which projects can receive EU grants and loans, and take advantage of new development opportunities.

Grants for environmental protection are intended for a wide range of recipients, including:

  • Local Government Units – municipalities, counties, and regions that implement projects aimed at environmental protection, waste management improvement, and sustainable natural resource management.
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) and Foundations – entities carrying out ecological projects aimed at environmental education, biodiversity protection, and promoting sustainable development.
  • Enterprises – companies that invest in ecological technologies, renewable energy sources, and projects aimed at reducing their environmental impact.
  • Educational Institutions – schools, universities, and educational centers that implement projects focused on environmental education and the development of infrastructure related to environmental protection.
  • Healthcare Units – medical facilities that implement projects aimed at improving medical waste management and reducing pollution emissions.

Support for environmental protection can cover a variety of areas, including:

  • Waste Management – funding for projects related to waste segregation, recycling, and processing, as well as the construction and modernization of waste treatment facilities and waste management systems.
  • Renewable Energy Sources – support for projects developing wind, solar, geothermal energy, and biomass, aimed at increasing the share of renewable energy sources in the energy mix.
  • Energy Efficiency – funding for initiatives aimed at improving the energy efficiency of buildings, including thermal modernization, upgrading heating systems, and applying energy-saving technologies.
  • Water Resource Protection – support for projects related to wastewater treatment, water resource management, river and lake restoration, and groundwater protection.
  • Air Quality Management – funding for actions aimed at reducing air pollution emissions, including the modernization of heating sources, development of green urban spaces, and promotion of low-emission transport.
  • Biodiversity and Ecosystem Protection – support for projects aimed at protecting natural habitats, restoring degraded areas, and protecting endangered species.
  • Environmental Education – funding for educational programs and information campaigns aimed at increasing public ecological awareness and promoting sustainable lifestyles.
  • Sustainable Agriculture and Forestry – support for agricultural and forestry practices that promote biodiversity, soil and water resource protection, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Climate Change Adaptation – funding for adaptive projects aimed at countering the effects of climate change, including the construction of infrastructure resilient to extreme weather events.

Support may include both grants and preferential loans, credits, as well as mentoring and advisory programs.

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