Entrepreneurship Development

For startups and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), there are financing programs that assist in business development, increasing competitiveness, and expanding into new markets. These funds are available for companies that aim to introduce innovations, develop their products and services, and enhance their presence in both domestic and international markets.

Financial support covers a wide range of activities, including:

Business Development: Grants can be allocated for financing operational activities, including the purchase of equipment, infrastructure modernization, and the introduction of new technologies that contribute to increasing the operational efficiency of the enterprise.

Innovation Implementation: Funds can support projects related to research and development aimed at developing new products and services, as well as introducing innovative technological solutions to the market.

Market Expansion: Enterprises can obtain funding for activities related to market analysis, market entry strategy development, promotion, and participation in international trade fairs and conferences.

Skill Enhancement: Grant programs often include financing for training and courses for employees aimed at developing their competencies and skills necessary for implementing the company’s development strategy.

Business Consulting: Companies can use advisory services to support them in strategic planning, financial management, marketing, and business process optimization.

Target groups eligible to apply for entrepreneurship development grants include:

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Companies seeking to expand their operations, introduce innovations, and increase their market competitiveness.

Startups: Young enterprises that need financial support to develop their products and services and expand into new markets.

Research Institutes and Scientific Units: Organizations collaborating with the private sector in implementing innovative solutions and technologies.

Clusters and Consortia: Associations of companies, research institutions, and other entities that carry out joint development and innovative projects.

Local Government Units: Local governments that support entrepreneurship development in their area through investments in infrastructure and support programs for local businesses.

Entrepreneurship development grants are a crucial support element for companies striving to increase their competitiveness and market presence. These funds enable businesses to implement their development strategies, introduce innovations, and effectively compete in domestic and international markets.

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