Renewable energy

Enterprises engaging in the development and implementation of renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, or geothermal energy can apply for financial support through dedicated grant programs. These programs aim to promote sustainable energy production, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and support the energy transition towards more ecological solutions.


Financial support includes various forms:

  • Direct grants
  • Preferential loans
  • Tax incentives
  • Capital investments

These funds can be allocated for the construction and modernization of energy infrastructure, the installation of photovoltaic panels, wind turbines, heat pumps, and geothermal systems. Additionally, financing can cover costs related to research and development of new renewable energy technologies, training, and technical consulting.

Grant programs are targeted at different groups, including:

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Companies planning investments in renewable energy sources on a small or medium scale to reduce operating costs and improve energy efficiency.

Large enterprises: Corporations and large companies implementing large-scale projects related to renewable energy production and the deployment of advanced energy technologies.

Technology startups: Young, innovative companies developing new solutions in the field of renewable energy and requiring support for the development and commercialization of their technologies.

Research institutes and scientific units: Organizations conducting research on new energy technologies, collaborating with industry to implement innovative solutions in the field of renewable energy.

Clusters and consortia: Associations of companies, research institutions, and other entities implementing joint R&D projects in the field of renewable energy.

Local government units: Local governments investing in energy infrastructure, promoting the development of renewable energy sources in their area, improving air quality, and reducing dependence on fossil fuels.

Grants for renewable energy are a key element of energy policy, supporting the development of sustainable technologies and contributing to environmental protection. Through these programs, businesses can undertake investments that not only bring economic benefits but also support global efforts to combat climate change.

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