Employment and Training

Companies that invest in the development of their employees can apply for grants for training programs, skill enhancement, and job creation. These funds are available for enterprises that aim to improve their teams’ competencies, increase employment, and support the professional development of their employees.

Financial support covers a wide range of activities, including:

Training Programs: Grants can be used to organize internal and external training sessions aimed at enhancing employees’ qualifications in various areas, such as management, information technology, sales, and marketing.

Skill Enhancement: Funds can support professional development by financing courses, certifications, and postgraduate studies, enabling employees to acquire new skills and knowledge.

Job Creation: Companies can obtain grants to hire new employees, especially when creating jobs for young people, the long-term unemployed, or individuals with disabilities.

Consulting and Coaching: Grant programs often include funding for consulting and coaching services, supporting employees in their career development and adaptation to new professional challenges.

Internships and Apprenticeships: Companies can apply for support to organize internships and apprenticeships, providing young people with practical experience and better preparation for entering the labor market.

Target groups eligible to apply for employment and training grants include:

Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs): Companies that want to invest in the development of their employees and create new jobs, thereby improving their market competitiveness.

Large Enterprises: Corporations implementing comprehensive training and employment programs aimed at developing employee competencies and increasing employment.

Startups: Young companies that need financial support to develop their teams and enhance the qualifications of their employees to compete effectively in the market.

Research Institutes and Scientific Units: Organizations that run internship and apprenticeship programs for students and young scientists, supporting their professional development.

Clusters and Consortia: Associations of companies, educational institutions, and other entities that carry out joint training and employment projects to develop sector-specific competencies.

Local Government Units: Local governments that invest in training programs and job creation for residents, thereby supporting local economic development.

Employment and training grants are a crucial support element for companies that want to invest in the development of their employees. These funds enable businesses to increase their human resources, enhance team qualifications, and create new jobs, which is essential for their long-term growth and success in a competitive market.

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